Shelton Benjamin Names Chad Gable as His Top WWE Colleague, Expresses High Respect

Benjamin unveils deep admiration for Gable in recent interview.

by Noman Rasool
Shelton Benjamin Names Chad Gable as His Top WWE Colleague, Expresses High Respect

In a candid discussion on the recent Insight With Chris Van Vilet episode, WWE stalwart Shelton Benjamin he opened up about his admiration for Chad Gable, a fellow member of the wrestling fraternity. With a career that has spanned decades, Benjamin's words carry weight in the wrestling community, and he didn't mince them when talking about Gable.

"Gable, what can I say? That man's relentless drive and talent inside the ring are nothing short of awe-inspiring," said Benjamin. "I often describe him as a 'workhorse' and a 'badass' because that's precisely what he is. His prowess is evident every time he graces the ring.

But more than his technical skills, the respect he commands, possibly without even realizing it, impresses me the most. Gable's unique blend of raw talent and dedication constantly showcases his versatility and surprises even seasoned professionals like myself." Gable's Dual Performance Mastery Benjamin also commented on Gable's ability to juggle comedic timing with his in-ring performance effortlessly.

"To see Gable's evolution, embracing his humorous side while maintaining his integrity as a wrestler, is truly remarkable. It's a testament to his potential. Whenever I see him perform, I'm reminded that he will be a breakout star." However, Benjamin's declaration of Gable as his "favorite worker" in WWE stood out the most during the interview.

According to the veteran, Gable's adaptability and prowess make him an invaluable asset to the roster. "He's the kind of wrestler who can elevate anyone he's paired with. No matter the opponent, Gable has this innate ability to make them shine," Benjamin remarked, recalling an instance where Gable, against expectations, managed to toss Braun Strowman.

"Witnessing moments like that, you can't help but think: there are things he does that one shouldn't technically be able to. Yet, he does, and with flair." Benjamin's words echoed a sentiment shared by many in the industry, pointing to a promising trajectory for Chad Gable.

If the endorsements of stalwarts like Benjamin are anything to go by, Gable's star will only rise higher in the WWE universe.

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