Storm Targets Starks: Epic Showdown Ahead?

Toni Storm Sets Sights on Ricky Starks: A Clash of Titans Looming?

by Noman Rasool
Storm Targets Starks: Epic Showdown Ahead?

The wrestling world is buzzing with excitement as Toni Storm, a prominent name in the industry and a two-time AEW Women’s Champion, reveals her next coveted target: Ricky Starks. This revelation emerged during her recent candid interview with the Daily Star, where the dynamo did not hold back when expressing her sentiments.

When the topic of challenging a male counterpart in the ring surfaced, Storm was quick and decisive in her response. Naming Starks as her preferred opponent, she said, "Ricky [Starks]. Ricky, because I wasn't a fan of him." The wrestling superstar further elucidated the reason behind this choice.

She recalls her husband's face-off with Starks in AEW, noting, "My husband came to AEW, and then they faced off, and I wasn't a fan of it, you know. Wasn't a fan of that guy. I'd mess him up if I had the chance." For those not in the loop, Storm's husband is none other than the fellow AEW star Juice Robinson.

Robinson and Starks have a history of intense confrontations, especially in AEW Collision. Their fierce rivalry saw them clashing multiple times, with Starks often managing to get the upper hand. One notable achievement was when Starks outclassed the Bullet Club Gold member Robinson on his journey to clinch the 2023 Owen Hart Memorial tournament.

But while Robinson's encounters with Starks have been noteworthy, the possibility of a showdown between Storm and Starks has fans on the edge of their seats. The stakes are even higher with Storm preparing to step back into the spotlight at AEW All In.

She is focused on reclaiming her AEW Women’s title, a feat that would further establish her dominance in the sport. Toni Storm’s direct challenge and disdain for Ricky Starks add another intriguing layer to the AEW narrative.

Wrestling aficionados worldwide are eagerly awaiting the developments, wondering if and when this clash of titans might materialize. In a realm where tensions run high and feuds are legendary, the brewing storm between Toni Storm and Ricky Starks promises to be a clash for the ages.

As the AEW universe watches with bated breath, one thing is certain: when these two forces collide, it's bound to be an electrifying spectacle.

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