Charlotte Flair discusses potential WrestleMania 40 match with Mercedes Moné


Charlotte Flair discusses potential WrestleMania 40 match with Mercedes Moné

Few names in the wrestling world hold as much weight as Charlotte Flair and Mercedes Moné. Many fans will recognize Moné more familiarly as Sasha Banks from her iconic WWE days. These two titans started their journey in WWE's developmental system, which saw the blossoming of a fierce rivalry when both were in NXT.

The wrestling community reverently refers to Flair, Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley as "The Four Horsewomen of WWE". Although they never became a regular fixture on TV as a collective unit, their legacy as a group is undeniable and well-known among the fans.

Individually, these women have set milestones, becoming some of the most celebrated figures in the WWE universe. Their collective accolades suggest that they're all destined to be enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame. Moné's departure from WWE in May 2022 caught the attention of many.

She left as the Women’s Tag Team Champion, expressing her discontentment with her role in the company. In her post-WWE journey, she showcased her talents in NJPW and Stardom. However, an unfortunate ankle injury temporarily paused her ascent.

Despite her appearances, she never fully committed to NJPW with a long-term contract, leaving fans speculating about a potential return to WWE or a debut elsewhere. Reminiscing about the past, one cannot forget the electrifying rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks around 2015-2016.

Their matchups are legendary, making history as the first two women to headline a WWE PPV/PLE event. Their Hell in a Cell clash in 2016 remains a testament to their prowess.

Flair Teases WrestleMania XL Clash

Recently, as the buzz around WrestleMania 40 grew louder, Charlotte Flair spoke to Sports Illustrated, shedding light on her potential opponents.

When quizzed about the prospects of facing Mercedes Moné, she responded with palpable excitement, "WrestleMania XL is unpredictable. But consider this - we've both evolved significantly since our NXT days. It’s exhilarating to think how much more advanced our techniques and personas are now”.

Fans fondly remember their face-off at WrestleMania 32 in 2016, where Flair emerged victorious against both Banks and Lynch, albeit with a bit of sly assistance from her legendary father, Ric Flair. While it wasn't a one-on-one match, the thought of these two icons clashing again at WrestleMania 40 stokes the fire of anticipation. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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