Nia Jax Shares Post-WWE Journey Updates.

Jax finds serenity and purpose in her rural retreat.

by Noman Rasool
Nia Jax Shares Post-WWE Journey Updates.

Since departed from WWE in November 2021, Nia Jax has decidedly shifted gears in her professional and personal pursuits. She recently revealed her new-found passion in a candid interview with "Sportskeeda Wrestling." While many speculated about her next move post-WWE, not many would have guessed the path she's taken: farming.

"It's a 40-acre farm in Florida," Jax enthusiastically shared. "The current phase involves clearing and sectioning off plots. We've embarked on hemp cultivation, and we're already hosting chickens and ducks." The farm represents a significant departure from the high-octane world of professional wrestling, symbolizing a move towards tranquility and communion with nature.

"Jax's Farm: Beyond Commercialism"

When probed about her unexpected shift to rural life, Jax explained the allure of the expansive openness and the farm's solace. "There's something incredibly grounding about this space," she reflected.

Furthermore, Nia is more than just looking at this venture as a commercial project. She has a benevolent vision for the property. "I've always been passionate about animal welfare," she said, "so I hope to transform a part of my land into a sanctuary for rescued dogs in the foreseeable future." However, her transition to the countryside has been challenging.

Discussing her plans to introduce cows, she mentioned, "There's a lot more that goes into it than one might assume. We're setting up suitable fencing to facilitate free-range grazing for them." But fans needn't worry that Jax is entirely bidding adieu to wrestle.

Her heart still beats for the sport as she's rigorously honing her skills and training. "I've been practicing at D-Von Dudley's facility," she remarked, hinting at her wrestler's pride. She elaborated on her training regimen: "I frequently spar at the Dungeon 2.0, managed by Natalya and TJ Wilson.

They oversee my drills and match preparations. Occasionally, I share the ring with old friends and wrestling stalwarts like Charlotte Flair and her husband, Manny, known in the wrestling circle as Andrade El Idolo." Nia Jax's story underscores the multifaceted nature of her personality – a fierce wrestler with a soft corner for nature and animals, gracefully juggling the spotlight and serenity.

Nia Jax