Booker T Eyes Third WWE Hall of Fame Nod


Booker T Eyes Third WWE Hall of Fame Nod
Booker T Eyes Third WWE Hall of Fame Nod

In the world of professional wrestling, few names resonate as powerfully as Booker T. Throughout his illustrious career, he has not only showcased his prowess in the ring but has also been recognized for his contributions to the sport.

The WWE has twice inducted him into their Hall of Fame: first in 2013 for his solo achievements and then in 2019, alongside his brother Stevie Ray, as part of the iconic Harlem Heat duo. Yet, the journey doesn't end there for the current "WWE NXT" color commentator.

Booker T's Third Induction Quest

Recently, on his podcast "The Hall of Fame," Booker T shared his aspirations for a groundbreaking third induction. "I'm working on my third ring," he confidently stated. "It's going to be for trainer extraordinaire, trainer of the know.

Before it's over with, they're going to have to give me a ring for all the guys that I've produced in this business that's gone on to be great. That's my next legacy. So stay tuned, stay tuned." While many are aware of Booker's occasional stints teaching at the WWE Performance Center, it's his Reality of Wrestling promotion in Houston, Texas, where he truly shines as a mentor.

Under his guidance, up-and-coming talents like Roxanne Perez, Athena, AQA, and Kylie Rae have honed their skills. Currently, he's deeply invested in mentoring Umaga's son, Zilla Fatu, guiding him through the early stages of his wrestling journey.

Booker T's dedication to nurturing the next generation has solidified his reputation in the industry. The six-time world champion has become synonymous with excellence, not just as a wrestler but as a trainer who consistently produces talent that goes on to make waves in major promotions like WWE and AEW.

As fans and fellow wrestlers alike watch his journey, many are rooting for this wrestling legend to achieve the unprecedented feat of a third Hall of Fame induction. Only time will tell if the WWE will honor his contributions once again.

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