Edge's Farewell to Toronto WWE SmackDown Crowd

Emotional Edge addresses fans after possible final WWE match.

by Noman Rasool
Edge's Farewell to Toronto WWE SmackDown Crowd

The WWE universe remains dark about the definitive status of the "Rated R Superstar," Edge, and whether he has officially bid farewell to the company that catapulted him to fame. The enigmatic wrestler took center stage following his electrifying match against Sheamus on WWE SmackDown, delivering a poignant promo that shed some light on his potentially imminent departure.

In a video shared on Twitter by user Dylan Melanson, the Toronto native stood in the ring, emotions running high after his hard-fought victory. With anticipation and apprehension in the air, Edge's words reverberated through the arena.

"What I can say is this is my last time in front of y'all," he somberly declared, a wave of boos underscoring the bittersweet atmosphere. He candidly admitted his uncertainty about mustering the strength for another comeback, highlighting the physical toll that the ring has taken on him.

"I'm just being honest with you."

Edge's Grateful Farewell: Unforgettable Moments

Even as Edge prepared to bid farewell, he implored the crowd not to dwell on the melancholy. He extended his heartfelt gratitude for the unparalleled support he received, emphasizing the profound impact the fans had on his journey.

"I will never forget this," he affirmed, an unwavering promise etched into his words. "And when I'm 84 years old and don't remember much, you're damn sure I'm going to remember this," he quipped with a touch of fun, drawing a mixture of laughs and applause.

With his theme music accompanying his exit, Edge left the ring, a trailblazer bowing out. WWE's official Twitter handle later offered a glimpse of Edge's speech, capturing the moment he openly expressed his uncertainty about what lies ahead.

The wrestler's heartfelt revelation about consulting his family, who were seated ringside, for guidance added a layer of poignancy to the contemplation of his next steps. Prior to the monumental match, Edge directly addressed the swirling rumors about retirement, confirming that the SmackDown event marked the conclusion of his current WWE deal.

Both Edge and WWE have thus far remained tight-lipped about any official retirement announcement, leaving fans on tenterhooks as they speculate about the future of the iconic wrestler within the ring. As the WWE universe holds its breath, Edge's emotional address to the Toronto SmackDown crowd serves as a poignant reminder of the athlete's indomitable spirit and enduring connection with his fan base.

The uncertainty surrounding his future only adds to the drama, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the saga of this legendary "Rated R Superstar."

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