Nick Patrick's WCW Collaboration: Teaching Karate to Eric Bischoff's Son


Nick Patrick's WCW Collaboration: Teaching Karate to Eric Bischoff's Son
Nick Patrick's WCW Collaboration: Teaching Karate to Eric Bischoff's Son

Former WCW referee Nick Patrick has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous wrestling icons throughout his career. Yet, amidst a roster teeming with talent, Patrick contends that one individual whose prowess is often overlooked is the martial arts virtuoso Ernest "The Cat" Miller.

In a recent installment of the "Monday Mailbag" series, Patrick fondly reminisced about his experiences partnering with "The Cat" during the bygone days of WCW. He marveled at Miller's remarkable charisma, infectious personality, and astonishing athleticism.

Patrick emphasized the audacious finesse with which Miller executed his kicks, allowing them to exude power and precision without endangering any audience members' frontal row cranial integrity.

Miller's Martial Prowess Revealed: Eric Bischoff's Son's Mentor

Patrick disclosed that his appreciation for Miller's martial aptitude initially remained in the dark.

The extent of Miller's credentials became apparent upon his integration into the company during the late 1990s. This revelation came from his role in training none other than Eric Bischoff's son in martial arts. "His congenial demeanor left an indelible impression on me," Patrick mused while also attesting to Eric Bischoff's admiration for Miller.

The former referee underscored that Miller's ascent through the ranks was no nepotistic favoritism but a testament to his merit and proficiency within the ring. The Bischoff family, renowned for their affinity for martial arts, embraced the discipline fervently.

Eric Bischoff himself occasionally graced the squared circle adorned in a formidable black gi, adroitly showcasing his military prowess in WCW, WWE, and TNA engagements. Though primarily remembered as WCW's commissioner during his tenure, Miller became synonymous with playfully dubbing the WCW fans as "rednecks." After WCW's closure, Miller embarked on a venture to WWE, though his tenure there was regrettably ephemeral.

Citing untimely circumstances, Miller's WWE journey was notably truncated. Recent times, however, have witnessed Miller's reentry into the wrestling milieu, with an appearance on an episode of Impact Wrestling. In this capacity, Miller lent sagacious counsel to Impact's authoritative figure, Santino Marella, on the delicate art of dispute resolution.

Miller's narrative remains captivating, underscored by his multifaceted journey through the annals of professional wrestling. As Nick Patrick fondly reflects on their shared escapades, it's clear that Ernest "The Cat" Miller's legacy echoes far beyond the ring ropes.

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