Seth Rollins Posts Edge Photo Amid Retirement Rumors in WWE

As Edge's milestone match approaches, speculation swirls about his future.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins Posts Edge Photo Amid Retirement Rumors in WWE

WWE's current reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Seth "Freakin" Rollins, has taken to Twitter to share a poignant photograph, one that carries more weight than just a mere snapshot from the past. The image captures a defining moment in WWE history, a clash of titans, as Rollins faces off against none other than the iconic WWE Hall of Famer, Edge.

This nostalgic throwback to their intense rivalry in 2021 comes at a crucial juncture, just ahead of a potentially monumental event for Edge. The spotlight now falls on Edge, poised to mark an incredible milestone: 25 years in the WWE.

The celebration is set to culminate with a match that is anything but ordinary. Edge is scheduled to square off against Sheamus on the upcoming episode of "WWE SmackDown," a bout that holds deeper significance as Edge's current WWE contract reaches its conclusion.

This has triggered a wave of speculation, with fans and insiders alike pondering whether this could signal Edge's retirement from the squared circle or a leap to pastures anew, perhaps even an emergence in AEW.

Edge's Uncertain Future Unveiled

In a recent twist, Edge himself remains uncertain about what lies beyond this pivotal encounter.

He candidly expressed his uncertainty about retiring in the aftermath of this showdown, leaving fans guessing about his future in the industry. However, a notable voice has entered the fray. Ron Hutchison, Edge's trusted mentor and confidant, reportedly indicated that after this match, the wrestling legend may indeed choose to bid farewell to an illustrious career.

The history between Rollins and Edge is layered and intense, as evidenced by their explosive three-match feud that culminated within the unforgiving confines of Hell In A Cell. Edge emerged victorious, but as Seth Rollins articulated on a recent episode of the "After the Bell" podcast, there is an undeniable sense of "unfinished business" between the two.

This sentiment was reciprocated by Edge himself, who hailed Rollins as the embodiment of the modern "Rated R Superstar" and lauded him as an unparalleled "workhorse." Edge's accolades for Rollins reached a zenith when he contemplated the latter's standing as potentially the most captivating and enthralling presence in WWE's current pantheon.

As Edge's legacy hangs in the balance and the WWE universe waits with bated breath, Rollins' photograph serves as a poignant reminder of their shared history and the electrifying encounters that have brought them to this crossroads.

The image is a testament to the complex interplay of rivalries, respect, and the uncharted future that awaits a WWE legend and his steadfast contemporary.

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