Edge's WWE contract expiration date revealed

Toronto celebrates as Edge marks a significant milestone

by Noman Rasool
Edge's WWE contract expiration date revealed

The recent edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown on August 18th, hosted in Toronto, wasn’t just another night of wrestling. It was a grand celebration marking Edge's illustrious 25-year-long journey with WWE, a tenure that has seen him scale heights few can boast of.

Highlighting the night was the main event where Edge faced off against Sheamus, a friend he’s known for years yet never had the chance to compete against in a singles match. The anticipation was palpable. Both seasoned wrestlers delivered a match that lived up to the expectations, showcasing grit, resilience, and the sheer will to win.

Over an intense near-20-minute showdown, both came close to victory, escaping each other’s finishing moves. But in the end, it was Edge, drawing energy from the ropes, who unleashed a Spear to secure the win against Sheamus.

After the dust settled, an emotional Edge addressed his hometown crowd. Among them were family members, long-time friends, and the sea of fans who had cheered for him for nearly three decades. With palpable emotion in his voice, he mentioned the need to step back and contemplate his next steps.

Edge Discusses WWE Contract Status

The wrestling community was abuzz when Edge, during an interview with the FAN Morning Show, shed some light on his current contractual status with WWE. He clarified, “My contract is up at the end of September.

This [against Sheamus] is my last contracted match." Edge’s candidness about feeling torn over his future was evident. "I don’t want to do this to the point where I don’t feel like I’m able to have the output that I want," he confessed.

Edge understands his body's capabilities and the demands of the ring, and he's now at a crossroads, determining what lies ahead. Given the timeline, speculation has been rife about the possibility of Edge making an appearance at AEW's All In event.

However, he was clear that his commitment with WWE runs until the end of September. As the wrestling world waits with bated breath, Edge, who celebrates his 50th birthday on October 30th, has some significant decisions ahead.

Whether he renews his allegiance with WWE, contemplates retirement, or explores opportunities with other wrestling promotions remains to be seen. But one thing's for certain, the wrestling world respects and eagerly awaits his next move.