Rob Van Dam's recent AEW stint was planned for months; hints at return

AEW's arena buzzes with RVD's unexpected and electrifying comeback

by Noman Rasool
Rob Van Dam's recent AEW stint was planned for months; hints at return

The world of professional wrestling was recently set ablaze by the unexpected appearance of Rob Van Dam (RVD) on All Elite Wrestling (AEW). For countless dedicated fans who have followed wrestling for years, seeing RVD step into the AEW ring felt like a heartwarming trip down memory lane.

The question on everyone's lips now is: might the magic of Rob Van Dam grace the AEW stage once again? After a significant hiatus from the spotlight in major wrestling circuits, the seasoned star made an electrifying debut on "AEW Dynamite" on August 2.

The roar of approval from the audience was deafening, echoing the impact RVD has had on the sport over the years. Following this, the subsequent showdown with Jack Perry a week later, despite being a losing bout for Van Dam, was a testament to his enduring prowess and appeal.

It's worth noting that earlier in the year, RVD's brief association with WWE consisted merely of announcing draft picks and, strikingly, he had refrained from stepping into the ring for almost ten years. In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, RVD shed light on the intriguing backdrop to his surprising AEW debut.

He revealed, "They had been strategizing this for some time. Right from the dawn of the year, I was approached, gauging my interest and availability. It's commendable how the dates initially discussed were eventually the exact ones we settled on.

It speaks volumes about AEW's forward-thinking approach. Yet, in this business, until it unfolds in reality, it remains just a plan."

RVD Teases Future AEW Collaborations

Given the overwhelming positive reception of the RVD-Perry bout, both from die-hard fans and AEW insiders, speculations are rife about a potential extended stint for the former WWE Champion with AEW.

While RVD remained somewhat elusive regarding a definitive future with the promotion, he did tantalize fans with a hint. "Tony Khan and I did discuss potential future collaborations," he mused. "As for concrete outcomes or other related dialogues, I guess it's a game of patience now." In essence, Rob Van Dam's splendid return to AEW has rejuvenated the wrestling community. Whether this signifies a transient spark or the beginning of a more sustained association, only time will reveal.

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