Bayley on Winning The Smackdown Title

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Bayley on Winning The Smackdown Title

Bayley was at one time the most popular WWE female baby face. She participated in the Money in The Bank PPV and was able to win her match. The WWE surprised many fans by making her cash-in her briefcase in the very same event that she won it in!

Bayley cashed in during and won the Smackdown title from Charlotte Flair. After winning the title, Bayley appeared backstage and was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. She spoke about what she did well in the WWE and how she always was one of the best: "I've known that I've been capable of this all along and now everything's coming full circle," Bayley said.

"2015 Match of the Year with Sasha Banks, I was Female Superstar of the Year 2015, NXT Women's Champion, RAW Women's Champion, the first-ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, 2019 women's Money In the Bank contract winner and now I am the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion.

So, right now you're probably realizing, 'Damn, Bayley is good!' And finally the whole world gets to see it. And I'm going to show them more and more every single day. This is my title and it ain't going nowhere.

What else can I do? You'll just have to wait and see because I'm just getting started. I hope the whole locker room gets ready. SmackDown, NXT, RAW, NXT UK, the men's locker room, the women's locker room. I want everyone to step it up because now I'm at the top and everyone needs to catch up because Bayley is the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion."