Edge Confirms WWE Contract Until September End

Edge's candid reflections fuel speculation about his WWE future.

by Noman Rasool
Edge Confirms WWE Contract Until September End

Toronto: Wrestling icon and legend Edge, known as the "R-Rated Superstar," made waves in the WWE Universe following his intense bout with Sheamus on the recent episode of SmackDown, which aired from Toronto. But what caught the attention of many was not just the match but Edge's candid remarks about his future in professional wrestling.

In a heart-to-heart during the FAN Morning Show preceding the match, the wrestling veteran opened up about the contemplation of hanging up his boots for good. "The idea of retirement is something I've toyed with," he confessed.

"While I haven't decided, I grapple with the thought. Every time I step into that ring, I aim for a certain quality, and only I can gauge whether I'm living up to that."

Edge's Struggles Amidst Match Intensity

Edge's transparency about the physical toll of the profession was evident.

He elaborated, "In the heat of a match, I sometimes think if I've trained hard enough or even if I have, why do I still feel so worn out?" He emphasized the need to introspect, stating, "Post-match, I need to sit down, introspect, take a deep breath, and decide my next steps." However, the bombshell came when Edge shared the current status of his contract with WWE.

"My stint with WWE concludes at the end of September," he revealed, adding a significant twist, "The showdown with Sheamus was, in fact, the final bout under this contract." His future remains a topic of intrigue. "There's a whirlwind of decisions awaiting me," he shared.

"But before anything, I need to absorb the Friday night events. I wish I had a clear answer for the fans and myself, but clarity is something I'm still seeking." With his legacy already cemented in the annals of wrestling history, whether Edge decides to renew his journey with WWE or take a different path, his commitment, passion, and contributions to the sport remain undeniable.

As fans and professionals await his decision, one thing's sure: The "R-Rated Superstar" will always have a special place in the heart of the WWE Universe.