Booker T Comments on Cash Wheeler's Firearm Assault Arrest

Recent events bring AEW's Wheeler into the spotlight.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Comments on Cash Wheeler's Firearm Assault Arrest

WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, recently opened up about the arrest of AEW's Cash Wheeler. The latter was taken into custody following an alleged road rage incident on July 27th where he was accused of brandishing a firearm. The incident has since sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, with many waiting for Booker T's take on the situation.

On the topic of Wheeler's arrest, Booker T shared his candid thoughts, "The headlines surrounding Cash Wheeler have been everywhere, and it's impossible to miss. Aggravated assault with a firearm is no small charge. I’ve tried getting the full story, but details remain scarce.

The lenient gun laws, like those championed by Ron DeSantis, do make situations like these more possible. This incident brings to light the hazards of such leniency. A simple road rage encounter could escalate to something much more tragic, and I've always believed it's best to avoid these confrontations altogether.

I prioritize safety and courtesy while driving, but it's evident not everyone does, and situations like these can easily spiral."

Booker T on Firearm Power

Booker T further reflected on the perceived power a firearm might provide, especially during tense situations, "I've driven for 30 years and never once felt the need to step out and pull a gun on someone due to road rage.

A gun in a vehicle can embolden some, making them feel invincible, even to the point of acting rashly. And if Wheeler did brandish his weapon and someone captured it on camera, which is common nowadays, he's in deep trouble." Concluding his thoughts, the WWE legend expressed hope for the future and highlighted the importance of responsible firearm possession, "While I believe in home protection and ensuring personal safety, I’ve never been an advocate for carrying a firearm irresponsibly.

I hope situations like Wheeler's serve as a reminder of the gravity of carrying a weapon. As for Cash Wheeler, given his affiliation with AEW, this certainly casts a shadow. But, one hopes he finds a path to resolution soon." The wrestling community will undoubtedly be monitoring the situation closely as it unfolds.

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