Shelton Benjamin Ponders WWE Hall of Fame Inductor Choices

Shelton Benjamin's career sparks Hall of Fame considerations.

by Atia Mukhtar
Shelton Benjamin Ponders WWE Hall of Fame Inductor Choices

Shelton Benjamin, whose storied wrestling career with WWE boasts accolades such as the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships, might not be the first name that springs to mind for some when discussing potential Hall of Fame inductees.

However, with a wrestling journey that has spanned decades and earned him respect both inside and outside the ring, he can't be easily overlooked as a viable candidate.

Benjamin's Hall of Fame Reflections

Recently, as Benjamin's athletic career veers more towards its twilight than its inception, the seasoned grappler has found himself reflecting upon the honor and prestige of a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

These musings gained more traction when WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, echoed the sentiment. Speaking candidly on the "Insight With Chris Van Vliet" show, Benjamin dived deep into this topic, sharing that the idea of being inducted had indeed occupied his thoughts.

“The concept of Hall of Fame induction is something I’ve ruminated on,” shared Benjamin. “In informal chats, several colleagues and I have even tossed around names of those we'd wish to have usher us into such elite company”.

Elaborating on this list, Benjamin mentioned notable figures such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Gerald Brisco, and MVP. While he humorously hinted at the unpredictability of Lesnar's reactions, he expressed deep respect for each of these figures, owing to their significant roles in his career.

Most notably, Kurt Angle seemed to emerge as a favorite, with Benjamin saying, “If I had to pick someone today, it'd undoubtedly be Kurt. He didn't just inspire wrestlers like Brock, Gable, and me, but also played a pivotal role in introducing me to the global wrestling audience.

Having him induct me would be more than just a formality; it would be a deeply personal honor." As fans and peers eagerly await the next batch of WWE Hall of Fame inductees, the possibility of Shelton Benjamin gracing the roster becomes a tantalizing topic of debate and anticipation.

Shelton Benjamin