Kairi Sane WWE Comeback Details

Unraveling Kairi Sane's intricate negotiations in Japan.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kairi Sane WWE Comeback Details

Kairi Sane, the illustrious former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, is making headlines again as reports confirm her much-anticipated return to WWE. Sane, who has been quite the force to reckon with in the wrestling world, had been keeping herself busy post her initial WWE departure.

Her wrestling journey took her across various promotions, from Stardom to NJPW, where she achieved the remarkable feat of winning the very first IWGP Women's Championship. In a recent development earlier this year, Sane made it known that she was exploring free agency come March.

Wrestling analyst, Dave Meltzer, painted a vivid picture of the intricate dynamics at play in Japan which played a pivotal role in Sane's decision to come back to the WWE arena. According to him, she wasn't short on offers.

Sane's Ties and Contract Tussle

In his "Wrestling Observer Newsletter," digging deeper into the situation, Meltzer shed light on Sane's personal and professional ties in Japan. Sane shared a strong bond with the founder of Stardom, Rossy Ogawa.

However, a tussle ensued when Stardom's owning entity, Bushiroad, sought to bind Sane in a more exclusive contract, implying a more lucrative deal. Amidst these negotiations, the allure of WWE beckoned once more, especially with the soaring success of Iyo Sky, who recently clinched both the Money in the Bank and the WWE Women's Championship.

Sources reveal that Sane, after discussing with her inner circle, felt an inclination to rejoin WWE. The general sentiment is, she might later rue a missed opportunity to return. An added pull was the possibility of a more rewarding creative collaboration with Triple H, under whose leadership she previously clinched titles like the Mae Young Classic and the WWE NXT Women's Championship.

Reflecting on Sane's illustrious WWE journey, her official departure was marked in December 2021. However, fans remember her memorable last match in July 2020, where she triumphed over Bayley on "WWE Raw". During her hiatus from the WWE ring, she became the company's ambassador in Japan, thus maintaining a connection with the brand.

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