Matt Hardy Reflects on 2010 WWE Release

Brotherly bonds tested in WWE's 2009 storyline twist.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Hardy Reflects on 2010 WWE Release

Matt Hardy, one of pro wrestling's enduring figures, recently shed light on one of the darker periods of his illustrious career – his 2010 WWE release, an exit that led him to debut in TNA in 2011. With a tenure from the late 1990s, Hardy became an integral part of WWE's narrative, crafting a legacy through the 2000s.

However, October 2010 marked a turning point when the company decided to part ways with him. This wasn't new for ardent followers, as WWE released Hardy in 2005 following a public scandal involving his then-girlfriend Lita and wrestler Edge.

This controversial decision had fans up in arms, prompting WWE to swiftly re-sign Hardy, setting the stage for a heated rivalry with Edge.

2009: Hardy Brothers' Epic Feud

In 2009, a significant storyline saw Matt betraying his brother Jeff in a surprising heel turn, embroiling the two in a bitter feud.

Interestingly, despite Jeff's rising star as a main-event talent, he chose to exit WWE the same year. On his podcast, Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt opened up about his challenging departure in 2010. "Physically, I was a wreck," he shared.

"My growing dependency on pills during that period was largely a result. Reflecting on it now, I should've stepped back and taken a break from the ring to heal in every sense." Matt also pondered the impact of Jeff's absence on his WWE standing.

"With Jeff flourishing in TNA, there was palpable resentment," he said. "At times, I felt they vented their frustration at Jeff through me, given our bond. Perhaps I magnified this sentiment and, in hindsight, should've held my ground, delivered my best, and seen my contract through.

Or vocalized my need for a hiatus. Instead, I chose to grit my teeth and push through." Having weathered numerous storms, the Hardys have found a home in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). A testament to their enduring appeal was showcased recently on AEW's Dynamite, where Jeff Hardy clashed with Jeff Jarrett in a thrilling "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" match, culminating in a surprise cameo from the iconic Leatherface.

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