Rob Van Dam Eyes WWE Return for Dream Match with Specific Star


Rob Van Dam Eyes WWE Return for Dream Match with Specific Star

The wrestling world is buzzing with Rob Van Dam's recent comments about a potential opponent for a WWE in-ring return. After showcasing his astounding agility in a match against Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite, the 52-year-old WWE Hall of Famer, Rob Van Dam (RVD), candidly discussed his vision for another potential wrestling bout.

In a playful jest, RVD mentioned to Denise Salcedo that he'd love a spot in "the main event at WrestleMania that pays the most," humorously highlighting his knack for business. But, when pressed for a more direct answer, RVD's response surprised many: "How about Logan Paul?" Denise Salcedo's response? A stunned, "That would be so crazy." And judging by the wide grin on RVD's face, he seemed to be entirely on board with the sentiment.

High-Octane Styles Collide

What makes this pairing so enticing? Both RVD and Logan Paul are known for their high-octane, risk-taking in-ring styles. The two together would undoubtedly create several "Holy s***" moments, much to the delight of fans.

While RVD didn’t delve deep into his motivations behind the intriguing pick, it's plausible that their combined flair for showmanship and athleticism could make for a memorable match. Further cementing the mutual admiration, RVD had previously shown appreciation for Logan’s wrestling prowess.

When Logan executed a Five Star Frog Splash, sending The Miz through a table at last year's SummerSlam, RVD offered a horns emoji, signaling his nod of respect to the YouTuber turned wrestler. Although the idea of RVD making a triumphant return to WWE for a clash with Logan Paul remains speculative, he isn't ruling out the possibility.

Beyond WWE, RVD has also hinted at a possible return to AEW, as shared during his recent podcast, where he reflected on his maiden AEW experience. As always, the world of professional wrestling remains unpredictable. But if RVD's comments are any indication, fans might just witness a dream showdown in the squared circle soon.

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