Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai Unveil Exciting New Project


Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai Unveil Exciting New Project
Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai Unveil Exciting New Project

WWE's landscape is set to receive a dynamic infusion of entertainment as two celebrated stars, Dakota Kai and Zelina Vega, embark on an exciting new joint venture – the world of podcasting. The talented duo unveiled the electrifying news through their Instagram accounts last Friday.

Fans were treated to the revelation that the upcoming podcast, aptly named "ZELVX and CHARLIE GIRL," will be dedicated to the realm of gaming, marking an intriguing foray into a space where both Kai and Vega have demonstrated their prowess before.

The podcast's debut episode is tantalizingly announced to be imminent, promising an engaging rendezvous for gaming enthusiasts and WWE fans alike. As anticipation heightens, the YouTube channel designated for the podcast has already garnered a staggering 3,000 eager viewers, a testament to the excitement swirling around this collaborative endeavor.

Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai Journey

The multifaceted talents of Kai and Vega have extended beyond the squared circle and found an appreciative audience on digital platforms like Twitch, where they have interacted with fans and showcased their remarkable gaming acumen.

Their journey hasn't been without its challenges, as they both fearlessly expressed their dissent against WWE's third-party regulations in 2020. Notably, Vega faced a period of release in November 2020 due to her unwavering commitment to Twitch streaming.

Her triumphant return to WWE in July 2021 coincided with the eventual lifting of the ban, marked by a significant multi-year agreement between WWE and Twitch in June. Meanwhile, Kai, who is presently recovering from a debilitating torn ACL injury sustained in May, demonstrated remarkable determination by making an appearance at WWE SummerSlam, standing by her Damage CTRL compatriots Bayley and IYO SKY, who clinched the WWE Women's Championship from Bianca Belair.

The pairing of Kai and Vega in their podcasting venture unveils a vibrant facet of their personalities, further solidifying the bond between the WWE universe and the gaming community. Notably, they're not alone in their dual passions, as WWE boasts other notable gamers like Xavier Woods, who curates the captivating "UpUpDownDown" series.

This platform showcases both past and present WWE stars. The gaming fervor is widespread, encompassing luminaries like World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Ronda Rousey, cementing the crossover between virtual and physical prowess.

As "ZELVX and CHARLIE GIRL" prepares to capture the imagination of listeners, the journey of Kai and Vega stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of modern entertainment, where the virtual arena meets the wrestling stage in a harmonious blend of skill and fandom.

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