Romero's Dream: Facing Chris Jericho – A Personal Milestone

NJPW's Rocky Romero Expresses Eagerness for Dream Match

by Noman Rasool
Romero's Dream: Facing Chris Jericho – A Personal Milestone

NJPW luminary Rocky Romero recently opened up about his genuine desire to step into the squared circle with none other than the revered "Demo God," Chris Jericho. In a candid interview on the widely acclaimed Busted Open Radio, Romero elucidated why the prospect of locking horns with the seasoned multi-time world champion holds extraordinary significance in his heart.

With a palpable admiration, Romero shared, "You know who I want to wrestle? Jericho. I'd love to have a single with Jericho; he'd be somebody I'd love to work with. That was the generation that inspired me so much." While lamenting the untimely departure of wrestling icon Eddie Guerrero, Romero reflected on the privilege of having previously grappled with Rey Mysterio, acknowledging that a singles encounter with Jericho would be the epitome of a wrestling lover'saficionado's dream.

"Jericho in a singles match would be dope," he enthused, emphasizing the monumental personal import that such an endeavor would hold for him.

Jericho's Role in Deepening NJPW Bond

In a riveting exploration of their evolving camaraderie, Romero shed light on the exhilaration of collaborating with Jericho behind the curtain.

He extolled the virtuosity of their partnership, particularly in Jericho's instrumental role in bridging the gap between NJPW and his endeavors. "Now, getting to work with him behind the scenes, getting him over to New Japan the last few years and how our relationship has developed over the last couple of years, to work with him in the ring…that would be my guy," Romero gushed with palpable enthusiasm.

Romero's sentiments echo the enthusiasm of countless wrestling enthusiasts who've witnessed Jericho's dynamic impact on the industry. The notion of these two virtuosos colliding within the New Japan Pro-Wrestling arena is a compelling proposition that encapsulates the essence of passing the torch from a generation of inspirations to the next wave of wrestling luminaries.

As the tapestry of professional wrestling continues to evolve, the potential realization of Rocky Romero's aspiration to tangle with Chris Jericho stands as a testament to the enduring power of the sport to forge connections across eras and ignite the flames of personal fulfillment.

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