Madusa's Take: Should Cyndi Lauper Join WWE Hall of Fame?


Madusa's Take: Should Cyndi Lauper Join WWE Hall of Fame?
Madusa's Take: Should Cyndi Lauper Join WWE Hall of Fame?

The celebrity wing of WWE's Hall of Fame has been an emotional discussion among fans, often generating mixed reactions for its eclectic list of inductees, including figures like Donald Trump and Kid Rock. However, an omission that continues to resonate is Cyndi Lauper, whose impactful contribution to the wrestling world has left fans and insiders, like Madusa, questioning why she has yet to be honored with induction.

Madusa Explores Cyndi Lauper's WWE Hall of Fame Candidacy

During a recent appearance on "GAW TV," Madusa delved into the intriguing dynamics of WWE's Hall of Fame, acknowledging that it is not solely the company's desire to induct a personality that determines their enshrinement.

Lauper's involvement with the wrestling world, particularly her pivotal role in WrestleMania's early history, raises a compelling case for her inclusion. Madusa aptly asked, "She was part of WrestleMania; why wouldn't she be in there?" Showing light on the complexities, Madusa highlighted the possibility that the artist's considerations might influence Lauper's absence.

Just as Miss Elizabeth faces familial hurdles preventing their induction, Lauper's situation remains enigmatic. Lauper's imprint on the wrestling landscape is undeniable. Her participation in the inaugural WrestleMania was instrumental, as she managed Wendi Richter and contributed to drawing in a broader, more casual audience.

The far-reaching impact she had on the event's success resonates even today. Recent developments suggest that Lauper's affinity for the wrestling industry endures. Her willingness to entertain the prospect of a WWE comeback underscores her enduring passion.

A fitting culmination to her wrestling journey could be a Hall of Fame induction, an option that would undoubtedly excite countless fans. Drawing parallels to instances where family considerations have led to the exclusion of legendary figures like Miss Elizabeth and Owen Hart, Madusa highlighted the multifaceted nature of Hall of Fame inductions.

The ongoing mystery surrounding Lauper's absence sparks intrigue and conversation within the wrestling community. As an icon who undeniably left an indelible mark on wrestling history, Cyndi Lauper's potential induction into the WWE Hall of Fame remains an open question that transcends mere celebrity status. It is a recognition that, if realized, would underscore her enduring legacy within the realm of sports entertainment.