Charlotte Flair Fires Back at Rusev

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Charlotte Flair Fires Back at Rusev

Most WWE superstars these days feel that they are disregarded by the WWE and wish to be used more often. We can say this without a shadow of a doubt! The WWE has the best wrestlers of the world working for it, but only a few get pushed by the promotion.

Rusev and Lana are two popular WWE superstars that openly talk about how displeased they are about the way the WWE is using them. Rusev was at one time pushed by the WWE, and he even had a feud with John Cena. Recently, Rusev took a shot at Charlotte Flair and the fact that the WWE gives her so many opportunities.

He wrote on his Twitter: "Wow when it's all said and done @MsCharlotteWWE will be 35 time world champ!!! The greatest superstar in the history of superstars. Teach me" Charlotte Flair wrote in response: "First, win one, then I'll show you what I can.

[princess emoji]" After Rusev asked her “How” Flair asked him to change his name. He also took a shot at Lana by posting an emoji that resembled her. Rusev is one of the WWE superstars that believe that he is one of the best and deserves a push.

He is a former WWE U.S. Champion and was at one time the most hated heel in the WWE. These days, he is used as a mid-card wrestler.