Tony Khan discusses AEW's success in England


Tony Khan discusses AEW's success in England

As All Elite Wrestling (AEW) prepares to entertain a crowd of over 80,000 fervent fans next Sunday, Wembley Stadium in London stands as a testament to the growing global popularity of the wrestling promotion. For Tony Khan, the visionary behind AEW, this venture is more than just a business move; it’s a homecoming of sorts.

A decade ago, Shahid Khan, Tony's father, acquired Fulham Football Club, adding the prestigious London-based soccer team to a sports portfolio that also includes the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Over the ensuing years, Shahid Khan entrusted his son with significant responsibilities within these organizations.

In 2017, Tony was appointed the vice-chairman of Fulham, an affirmation of his pivotal role in the family's sports ventures. With these commitments, London became a second home to Tony, shaping his view of the city as a vital market when he later launched AEW.

On a recent episode of "The Chase McCabe Show," Tony Khan elucidated his profound respect for the rich tapestry of pro wrestling in England. He shared, “England boasts an impressive lineage of pro wrestling. From day one of AEW’s inception, it was imperative for me to align with the premier TV partner in the UK, and ITV was the perfect fit”.

The collaboration has been nothing short of spectacular. Khan added, “Our reach in England has expanded immensely, transforming AEW into a household name, all thanks to ITV and the unwavering support from British wrestling aficionados”.

However, despite AEW's monumental success on English television, they had yet to host a live event in the UK. Khan noted, "Our debut at Wembley is not just another event; it signifies a historical moment in wrestling."

AEW's "All In": Main Event Spotlight

Tony Khan is not holding back.

The scheduled matches for "All In" promise an unforgettable evening. The highlight is set to be MJF defending his AEW World Heavyweight Championship against the formidable Adam Cole. Intriguingly, hours before this duel, the two will unite forces in a tag team match against Aussie Open.

Khan's intent is clear. By showcasing two of AEW's biggest stars, MJF and Adam Cole, he aims to leave an indelible mark on British fans. Furthermore, this event is strategically positioned to boost the pay-per-view sales for "All Out" in Chicago the subsequent weekend. The stakes have never been higher.

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