Seth Rollins Sheds Light on WWE Colleagues' Opinions of His In-Ring Attire

Charting new territories, Rollins transforms wrestling attire norms.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Sheds Light on WWE Colleagues' Opinions of His In-Ring Attire

Currently holding the prestigious title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins is making waves with his formidable in-ring talents and distinctive fashion sense. Each week, he unveils an ensemble that's as audacious as it is eye-catching, leaving fans in the WWE Universe intrigued and impressed.

But, interestingly, it's not just the fans who are talking; Rollins' unique wardrobe choices have also become a h*t topic of discussion among his professional peers. In an in-depth conversation with GQ, Rollins shed light on the feedback he's received.

"Most of the comments I get, at least directly, are positive," he explained. "Of course, no telling what might be said when I'm not around. But it's always a delight when I wear something more restrained and a fellow wrestler expresses surprise, admitting they'd gladly sport such attire in their everyday life.

It's moments like these that are genuinely unexpected and endearing."

"Rollins' Revolution in Wrestling Fashion"

Every week, Rollins seems to redefine what's possible in wrestling fashion. His choices range from eye-popping red shoes to shirts that could be considered avant-garde.

This innovative approach isn't restricted to his off-stage appearances either. His in-ring entrances now showcase intricate and detailed outfits, resonating with his overarching fashion-forward theme. Behind this transformation is a crucial influence: his wife, Becky Lynch.

Their shared stylist, the renowned Troi Anthony, has been the creative mind behind Rollins' wardrobe metamorphosis, a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed. Several members of the wrestling roster have shown interest in collaborating with Anthony.

Rollins went on to elaborate on the reactions he observes backstage. "There's this tangible sense of curiosity," he remarked. "While many express interest, few are ready to embrace such a groundbreaking fashion direction. Delving into this unique sartorial space requires boldness, like plunging into unknown depths without prior preparation.

Yet, there's always this collective anticipation, a shared eagerness among colleagues and fans, to see how I'll push the envelope next." In the intricate tapestry of professional wrestling where performance meets fashion, Seth Rollins is unmistakably carving a niche, seamlessly blending athletic prowess with a commitment to sartorial excellence.

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