LA Knight: The Miz Closer to AEW's MJF Than Me in WWE


LA Knight: The Miz Closer to AEW's MJF Than Me in WWE

In recent times, as LA Knight continues his ascension within the WWE echelons, he finds himself being likened to several prolific personalities in professional wrestling. While many draw parallels between him and "The People's Champ," The Rock, there's been a rising chorus drawing him close to his current competitor, The Miz.

However, Knight is quick to offer a different perspective on these comparisons.

Knight Disputes Miz Comparison

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Knight remarked, "People often draw parallels between The Miz and me, and quite honestly, I don't see the resemblance." Interestingly, Knight perceives a tighter bond in presentation between The Miz and AEW's MJF.

"With MJF and The Miz, there's a visible similarity in style and charisma. But the comparison with me? We're just getting to know each other in the ring, but that initial encounter? It was intense." Both The Miz and MJF have found themselves under the comparative microscope of wrestling enthusiasts.

This largely emanates from their sharp-dressed personas, coupled with their undeniable skills on the mic. The linkage between the two was further cemented during MJF's storyline feud with CM Punk, wherein the latter, a former WWE star, made references to The Miz, thereby stoking the fires of these comparative narratives.

While it's interesting to note that The Miz and LA Knight hail from different brands within the WWE umbrella, it hasn't deterred the organization from building a rivalry narrative. The animosity ignited when Knight clinched victory at the Slim Jim Battle Royal and intensified when The Miz sabotaged Knight's bid for the coveted United States Championship's number one contender spot.

The wrestling rumor mill is abuzz with the potential of a showdown between the two at WWE's Payback premium live event. But for LA Knight, his aspirations transcend individual feuds. With a glint in his eye, he declared, "My vision is firmly set on the championship belts.

My entrance into this world of wrestling was with a singular purpose – to reign supreme and be acknowledged as the best. And that acknowledgment is synonymous with championship gold."

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