Nikki Bella talks about her role in the Women’s Revolution

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Nikki Bella talks about her role in the Women’s Revolution

After the end of her relationship with John Cena, Nikki Bella decided to focus only on her WWE career. During a recent interview with In This Corner, Nikki talked about her role in the Women’s Revolution, culminating with the pay-per-view Evolution.

“I guess it’s the point where I don’t feel like I need the credit, but it’s more or less been the disrespect where I have been the punching bag and I think that is hard because, as we know, especially WWE they are pros to “perception is reality”.

So, however they perceive someone people tend to believe that where that person is that person, and for some reason my sister and I have been turned into the punching bags, like, oh, put them with this person and let that person talk about The Bellas and it will elevate them, and that is who we have become," Nikki said.

"We have been that for a very long time, and it gets exhausting and I’m not going to lie it gets very frustrating because for some reason we have been the women that don’t care about wrestling. But I have been here for 12 years; I have broken my neck and have come back.

I absolutely love professional wrestling; I have a passion for that”. She also added: “My sister and I, no one will ever give us any credit because we have become the ‘no, use them for this because they have this outside success,’ or they have that, but that’s fine.

But it’s just like the word “diva”. I was in so many meetings where I talked about how that word is going to be made beautiful, strong and powerful, and it also gave the SmackDown women something to compete for because we weren’t competing for anything.

"So, we were like, yes, let’s make this so strong and powerful, which is what we made the Divas Championship become – something beautiful like that. A lot of little girls were wearing the Divas Championship, they loved it, and I think that is what is hard about the current era now: because Triple H and that group decided to use it as a bad word, it’s like, wait, what do you mean? You taught us to make that word an amazing word and that is what we did.

We put our blood, sweat and tears into it, and I was part of that. I saw the work that was put into that and it was beautiful. I saw the work that was put into that bridge when people wanted to see more of us, and that was beautiful, and then when it gets taken away from the diva’s era that hurts me. If you think diva is a bad word then I am going to kick your a** to show you that it is not a bad word”.