Roman Reigns Send a Harsh Message to Shane McMahon

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Roman Reigns Send a Harsh Message to Shane McMahon

Roman Reigns is one of the toughest and most consistent workers in the WWE. He was at one time Vince McMahon favorite employee and was given a big push. Vince continued to push him, even though he was initially rejected by fans.

Roman Reigns failed initially as he couldn’t cut good promos. He fought the best WWE wrestlers and even beat them however, but still wasn’t accepted by the fans. Roman Reigns fought a battle against leukemia, and made a return to the WWE after spending a few months on the shelf.

He is now one of the most popular WWE wrestlers in the world and many people look up to him. The WWE will be holding the WWE Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia. It will be a big PPV event and a few legendary wrestlers will be part of the event.

Reigns is booked to fight Shane McMahon at the event. Shane McMahon is not a full time wrestler, but he is still an entertaining one even after being inactive for so many years. Reigns sent a message to Shane McMahon on his Twitter account by saying: "All the years you've spent around this business, these athletes, this life and you still haven't learned your lesson. I'll go anywhere in the world to prove what this means to me...punching you in the face is a plus. #WWESSD"