Seth Rollins Shares WWE Stars' Opinions on His Ring Attire


Seth Rollins Shares WWE Stars' Opinions on His Ring Attire

Seth Rollins, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has been making waves not just for his prowess inside the squared circle but also for his flamboyant sartorial choices. Week after week, Rollins steps out in outfits that are nothing short of eye-catching, which has quickly become an attention-grabber for the WWE Universe.

However, these outfits have also garnered reactions from his contemporaries backstage. In a candid conversation with GQ, Rollins opened up about the feedback he receives from his fellow wrestlers. "To my face, there's no shortage of compliments," he shared with the magazine.

"Of course, what they might be whispering behind closed doors is a different story. But from what I gather, many are fans. It’s especially amusing when I turn up in something a bit more low-key, and I get comments like, 'Man, I'd wear that outside the ring!' They often don’t see it coming." The current champion's wardrobe choices range from blazing red shoes to audacious shirts that fans eagerly anticipate every week.

These eclectic designs are now a staple in his ring entrance, and he credits the initiation of this distinct style to his wife, Becky Lynch. Rollins and Lynch share the expertise of the stylist Troi Anthoni, whose work with the champ has generated buzz backstage.

Rollins' Fashion Sparks Backstage Buzz

Rollins disclosed, "There's a growing intrigue about Troi's work. Several superstars have approached me, inquiring about him. But as I always point out, diving into this kind of fashion isn’t for the faint of heart.

I've already taken the plunge, so to speak. For others, it might mean jumping into uncharted waters. It's always a whirl of anticipation backstage, and I sense that, much like our fans, everyone's on the edge of their seats, eager to see what ensemble I'll debut next."

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