Kurt Angle Expresses Disappointment: SummerSlam 2005 Match with Eugene

Kurt Angle opens up about past SummerSlam decisions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kurt Angle Expresses Disappointment: SummerSlam 2005 Match with Eugene

In the two decades since Kurt Angle stepped into the ring at SummerSlam, memories of his emphatic win against Eugene in a brisk 4 ½ minute bout during the 2005 spectacle still linger. The match concluded with Angle reclaiming his Olympic gold medal, a symbol of his legacy, which he momentarily relinquished to Eugene earlier that summer during a showdown in the Kurt Angle Invitational.

Though the storyline was captivating and the match is now remembered as an essential chapter in Angle's illustrious career, the wrestling legend recently disclosed some of his reservations about the contest. On the latest installment of "The Kurt Angle Show," the Olympic Gold Medalist candidly shared that he wasn't entirely enthusiastic about facing Eugene at that year's SummerSlam.

This admission by Angle is a stark contrast to previous narratives. In the past, Eugene claimed that Angle had personally selected him as his adversary for the SummerSlam event. Addressing this contradiction, Angle stated, "Okay, I won't sugarcoat this.

Yes, I did feel a twinge of disappointment. By that time, I had solidified my status as one of WWE's top-tier talents. I was at my physical peak, delivering exceptional performances consistently. In my heart, I believed that the main event slot at SummerSlam was rightfully mine."

Angle Respects Eugene's Prowess

However, Angle was quick to highlight the brighter side of the situation.

"On reflection, locking horns with Eugene wasn't detrimental," Angle mused. "I have immense respect for his capabilities inside the squared circle. The bout was undeniably exhilarating, and I took immense pride in competing at my best.

While I might have been instructed to be particularly aggressive with him, it's essential to understand that, in the heat of the moment, I was living my 'Wrestling Machine' persona. Perhaps it was more akin to a 'Wrestling Nightmare' for Eugene."

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