Kevin Knight First NJPW Super Junior Debut

Knight opens up about solo venture in NJPW tournament.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Knight First NJPW Super Junior Debut
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In a candid conversation on Busted Open Radio, the burgeoning NJPW star, Knight, delved deep into his experiences during the prestigious Best of the Super Juniors (BOSJ) Tournament. Notably, this year saw the meteoric rise of Master Wato, who clinched the victory, but for Knight, this was an opportunity of profound personal and professional growth.

Knight recalled the exhilarating rush of emotions when he was announced as a participant. "It was an otherworldly feeling," he began. "Though it was my third tour in Japan, it was a distinct experience. Fans always saw me paired with Kushida, battling it out in tag team matches.

BOSJ, however, allowed them a unique peek into my prowess as a solo competitor."

Knight's Solo Arena Challenge

Competing alone in the squared circle, devoid of any familiar tag partner by his side, was initially nerve-wracking for Knight.

Yet, the thrill of performing in iconic venues like Korakuen Hall and Osaka-Jo Hall overshadowed any apprehensions. "It's entirely different when you step into those hallowed rings solo," Knight mused. "But it was an invaluable lesson, engaging with and learning from every adversary in my block." Although his BOSJ journey had challenges, Knight was all praises for his competitors.

He expressed his gratitude, saying, "Everyone was incredibly accommodating. This experience was, above all, a tremendous learning curve." The switch from tag team to singles competition demanded a shift in approach and strategy.

Knight confessed to digging deep into his repertoire, exploring previously reserved moves. Moreover, he realized the importance of pacing. "In tag matches, you can afford to go full throttle because there's a brief respite when your partner takes over.

But in singles, it's essential to pace oneself to prevent early burnout." In conclusion, while the BOSJ tournament was an incredible platform for the rising star Master Wato, it was equally a transformative journey for Knight.

He came away with sharpened skills and a deeper understanding of his potential as a solo competitor in the world of professional wrestling.