Jonathan Gresham Discusses Groin Strain Setback

Inside the ropes, even seasoned pros face challenges.

by Noman Rasool
Jonathan Gresham Discusses Groin Strain Setback

In a recent episode of the 'Better Than Broadway' podcast, IMPACT Wrestling's top talent and former Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham sat down to delve into many topics. The most poignant case, however, revolved around the alarming groin strain injury he suffered just weeks ago during an in-ring incident.

Recounting the unfortunate incident, Gresham revealed, "I'm on the mend, but it was certainly an experience I hadn't anticipated. I accidentally fell out of the ring, specifically through the middle rope. You're taught this maneuver in the initial stages of wrestling training.

I've executed it countless times. However, I missed the critical self-catch and spun this time, resulting in a jarring back bump onto the unforgiving floor outside the ring." His initial reaction was one of transient pain, believing it to be a minor hiccup.

He continued, "I re-entered the ring and finished my segment without much ado. But as I exited the squared circle and attempted some stretches, I realized the pain was intensifying."

Gresham's Post-Training Collapse Detailed

In an unsettling revelation, Gresham added, "There was a moment post-training while watching my peers when the pain became almost unbearable.

I stood stationary for almost half an hour, convincing myself it was a fleeting discomfort. But, when I attempted to move after my fellow wrestlers had left, my legs buckled, and I found myself collapsing to the ground." His recovery journey is one of patience and caution.

Gresham detailed, "I'm now into the third week since the injury. I've been advised by medical professionals that once I cross the fourth week and experience no residual pain, I can consider resuming gentle stretches. But overarching advice has been clear - with a groin strain, you absolutely shouldn't attempt stretching in the early stages." Gresham's openness about his injury sheds light on the real risks wrestlers take and underscores the importance of adequate recovery time.

As fans and peers await his return, the story serves as a solemn reminder of the vulnerabilities even seasoned professionals face inside the ropes.