Adam Cole & MJF Team-Up: A Fun, Unstoppable Force

AEW's Cole and Devil redefine wrestling's unexpected alliances.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Cole & MJF Team-Up: A Fun, Unstoppable Force

In a recent sit-down with Phil Strum on "Under The Ring," AEW sensation Adam Cole opened up about his unexpected alliance with "Devil," the reigning AEW World Champion. In a startling turn, the two former adversaries have emerged as one of the most magnetic and talked-about pairings in professional wrestling.

"I genuinely had no clue it would balloon to this magnitude," Cole admitted, reflecting on the surprising synergy between him and Devil. The union between Cole and Devil has exceeded the wrestling community's expectations and revitalized the dynamics of AEW's storytelling.

Cole & MJF: Unexpected Alliance

Despite the widespread anticipation for a potential one-on-one clash between Cole and MJF, which had been the fodder of wrestling conversations for months, the decision to unite the duo has been a masterstroke.

"Of course, I was optimistic about the fans' reaction. The buzz around an Adam Cole vs. MJF match was palpable. But this? The sheer enthusiasm and investment in our team? I hadn't foreseen this in my wildest dreams," Cole shared.

His words echo the sentiments of many. While the possibility of a bout between him and MJF had fans on the edge of their seats, the fusion of their distinct wrestling styles and personalities has delivered a captivating spectacle.

Cole added, "Initially, I thought fans would enjoy our interactions, maybe share a few laughs, but this? It's phenomenal. The energy, the vibe, the fan engagement – it's taken on an avatar of its own. Collaborating with MJF has been an exhilarating journey." However, this alliance doesn't mean the two powerhouses will keep away from each other inside the squared circle.

In a twist that promises to be a wrestling classic, despite their on-screen camaraderie and behind-the-scenes friendship, Adam Cole and MJF are set to lock horns in the main event of this Sunday's "All In" pay-per-view in London.

As the wrestling world waits with bated breath for this epic showdown, one thing is sure: AEW continues to keep its fans guessing and thoroughly entertained.

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