Cody Rhodes on Watching AEW All In: Will He Tune In?


Cody Rhodes on Watching AEW All In: Will He Tune In?

AEW's "All In London" is gearing up to electrify the wrestling universe this Sunday, with over 80,000 passionate fans anticipated at the iconic Wembley Stadium. As the buzz grows around marquee matchups featuring "day one" icons like The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and "Hangman," Adam Page, conspicuous by his absence, is synonymous with the birth of AEW: Cody Rhodes.

For those not in the know, Rhodes isn't just any wrestler. He was an Executive Vice President at AEW and a significant player in the inaugural All In 2018. On that historic night, Rhodes won against Nick Aldis, securing the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

But the winds of change have taken Cody to WWE, where he’s on a quest to capture the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and "finish the story" he started years ago.

Rhodes' Loyalty to AEW

Yet, it would be shortsighted to think that Rhodes, now with the WWE, has distanced himself entirely from the AEW universe.

After all, Rhodes was foundational to AEW's creation, and just because he's playing on a different field now doesn't mean he's blind to his former home's events. This became particularly evident during a recent Reddit AMA. Curious as ever, fans quizzed Rhodes on whether he'd be tuning into All In.

Cody candidly replied that while he won't catch it live due to work commitments, his heart still beats in tandem with the event. "I will be working that day, but I am very happy for the guys and girls competing," shared Rhodes.

"I beam with pride for Matt/Nick as they've elevated our brainchild to staggering heights. Also, thank my sister, Teil, for christening the event and Joe Koff from ROH for believing in us and providing the platform." On that same Sunday, while AEW hosts All In London, Rhodes will be wrestling at WWE’s Supershow in Huntsville, Alabama, which kicks off at 7 PM EST.

This schedule does hint that once the spotlight dims in Alabama, Rhodes might find a quiet corner to catch glimpses of All In, wrapping his day full of wrestling on both sides of the fence.

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