Booker T Tips LA Knight to Dethrone GUNTHER for IC Title

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Booker T Tips LA Knight to Dethrone GUNTHER for IC Title
Booker T Tips LA Knight to Dethrone GUNTHER for IC Title

Wrestling fans have long debated the trajectories of emerging superstars and the directions in which storylines unfold. On a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T, a revered two-time WWE Hall of Famer, added his insights into the whirlpool of speculations surrounding Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER's next big opponent.

Dubbed "The Ring General," GUNTHER's prowess in the ring has drawn the attention and admiration of fans and critics alike. While many argue about who might rise to challenge him next, Booker T voiced a different, compelling opinion.

Contrary to discussions revolving around Austin Theory - who recently lost the U.S. Championship title to the legendary Rey Mysterio and subsequently defeated Knight to be the next contender for the title on a recent episode of "SmackDown" - Booker T remains unimpressed.

He said of Theory, "He's cooled off big time. There's a constant need to reinvent, to switch gears. Fans want freshness, and currently, L.A. Knight delivers that exhilarating aura they yearn for."

Booker T Backs L.A. Knight

Amid these discussions, co-host Brad Gilmore pitched his belief that Sheamus might be the one destined to end GUNTHER's near-legendary title reign.

However, Booker T believes otherwise. According to him, L.A. Knight shines bright in this scenario. "L.A. Knight has that spark, that zeal. He's the one who can truly challenge GUNTHER and make fans rally behind him," Booker stated.

L.A. Knight's recent in-ring interactions with The Miz in bouts and promos have also drawn significant attention. Gilmore noted the palpable similarities between The Miz's and GUNTHER's unlikable characters, leading him to conclude that GUNTHER would be the logical next opponent for Knight.

While L.A. Knight has previously asserted that he doesn't need a championship to validate his rapid ascent in the WWE universe, both Booker T and Gilmore concurred that the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship has grown manifold under GUNTHER's tenure. To them, this championship could be the crown that best resonates with Knight and his ever-growing fans.

Booker T La Knight Gunther

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