Adam Cole emotional over issues with Roderick Strong

Unexpected alliances shape the narrative in AEW's latest developments

by Noman Rasool
Adam Cole emotional over issues with Roderick Strong
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, sometimes partnerships are formed in the most unexpected of circumstances. Such was the case when Adam Cole and Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) were randomly paired in the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament.

The synergy between these two athletes was undeniable, as they proceeded to clinch victory in the tournament and later came tantalizingly close to seizing the AEW World Tag Team Championships from FTR. Their mutual success has not only strengthened their bond but has also set them on a course towards the marquee event, All In.

However, this newfound alliance has not been without its complications, especially concerning Adam Cole’s long-standing camaraderie with Roderick Strong. Roderick Strong's return to television has been accompanied by palpable tension between him and Cole.

It appears the heart of the matter lies with Cole, who is eager to address any potential rifts and mend fences.

Cole Addresses Strong's Silent Treatment

Strong's Silence Raises Questions In a candid interview with the Under The Ring podcast, Cole voiced his concerns and the emotional toll Strong's current silence is taking on him.

"I've been reaching out, but he hasn’t returned my calls. It's a trying period for me," Cole shared. "I understand he has reservations and frustrations. All I wish for is an opportunity for the three of us – myself, him, and Max (MJF) – to sit in a room and genuinely discuss our differences." This weekend, the narrative takes another twist as Adam Cole squares off against his friend and now rival, MJF, for the coveted AEW World Championship.

The highly anticipated bout is slated for the record-setting All In event at the iconic Wembley Stadium. The wrestling community has been abuzz with speculation about potential last-minute changes to the match lineup. Addressing these rumors, AEW President Tony Khan acknowledged that some adjustments might be on the horizon, but not necessarily for the matchups most are anticipating.

As the wrestling world gears up for this blockbuster event, the relationship dynamics between Cole, MJF, and Strong remain one of the most intriguing subplots, adding layers of emotion and depth to an already exciting sporting landscape.

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