Tyler Breeze & Fandango Initially Resistant to Forming WWE Tag Team

Breezango's Unlikely Formation Reveals Stars' Initial Tag Team Hesitation

by Noman Rasool
Tyler Breeze & Fandango Initially Resistant to Forming WWE Tag Team
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"Breezango's (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) captivating journey as a WWE tag team, spanning from 2016 to 2021, surprised many fans who weren't privy to the initial reservations the duo harbored about joining forces. Their exceptional partnership ultimately yielded in-ring triumphs before they departed from the company due to a release.

However, a behind-the-scenes revelation has shed light on their hesitant beginnings as a team.

Initial Reluctance to Form Duo

In a candid revelation on "Agents of Wrestling," Tyler Breeze shared insights into their early reluctance to embark on the tag team journey.

Despite the seemingly serendipitous pairing of the model and the dancer, both Breeze and Fandango weren't keen on relinquishing their personas. Breeze confessed, "I had meticulously crafted the Tyler Breeze character for a distinct reason and specific style.

The prospect of sharing the spotlight or having someone speak on my behalf didn't align with my vision." He mentioned that Fandango harbored similar sentiments, voicing his inclination toward maintaining his solo path. Circumstances eventually appeased the duo's initial doubts.

When the concept of teaming up emerged, Breeze and Fandango realized that a unique chemistry might be forged despite their reservations. This notion became increasingly evident when Breeze found himself paired with Summer Rae.

Although the situation wasn't exactly ideal, they recognized the potential for innovation and decided to make the best of the situation. Since parting ways with WWE, both Breeze and Fandango have embarked on separate professional trajectories.

Fandango, now under the moniker Dirty Dango, has embraced the independent circuit and most notably, found a new home in Impact Wrestling. Meanwhile, Breeze has diligently invested his efforts into his Flatbacks Wrestling School and furthering his presence on WWE's acclaimed "UpUpDownDown" YouTube channel.

Intriguingly, Breeze has recently reignited his in-ring endeavors, signaling the possibility of a triumphant reunion. As the chapters of their careers continue to unfold, the narrative of Breezango stands as a testament to the unforeseen paths that unfold in the world of professional wrestling.

The initial reluctance that once shadowed their collaboration gave way to a memorable partnership that left an indelible mark on WWE history."

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