Becky Lynch Teases Pursuit of WWE NXT Women's Championship, a Coveted Unclaimed Title

WWE Icon Becky Lynch Sparks Speculation with NXT Championship Tease

by Noman Rasool
Becky Lynch Teases Pursuit of WWE NXT Women's Championship, a Coveted Unclaimed Title
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Becky Lynch, a decorated WWE wrestler, boasts an impressive resume with multiple title reigns. A four-time "SmackDown" Women's Champion and a two-time "Raw" Women's Champion, her accolades have evolved with the titles, now recognized as the WWE Women's World Championship and the WWE Women's Championship.

Becky Lynch's Intriguing NXT Return

However, there's one accolade missing from her list, and it's tucked within the realms of the "NXT" brand - the very brand where Lynch's WWE journey commenced. During the recent special episode of "NXT: Heatwave," Lynch clarified her intentions through a social media post, hinting at her pursuit of the elusive "NXT" Women's Championship.

The current titleholder, Tiffany Stratton, accidentally mentioned Lynch's name while recalling past title champions. Although Stratton later rectified her mistake backstage, the message had already reached Lynch, a marquee figure in WrestleMania events.

Lynch's tweet resonated resolutely: "I haven't been NXT Women's Champion...yet. #NXTHeatwave." This proclamation revitalized the speculation around her potential return to the "NXT" ring, which last witnessed her presence in a match against Rhea Ripley, the reigning WWE Women's World Champion, back on November 20, 2019, a contest that concluded in a no-contest verdict.

However, Lynch's aspiration for the "NXT" Women's Championship doesn't monopolize her focus, as she's concurrently embroiled in a heated rivalry. Her feud with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark unfurls as a central narrative.

The August 14 episode of "Raw" witnessed a confrontation between Lynch and Stratus that culminated in a double count-out. The climax of their clash looms as a steel cage match at Payback, promising finality to their hatred.

But before that, Lynch squares off against Stark in a Fall Counts Anywhere encounter scheduled for the upcoming "Raw." While the prospect of claiming the "NXT" Women's Championship tantalizes Lynch's aspirations, her dynamic career demands a juggling act, balancing the pursuit of this unclaimed title with ongoing rivalries and high-stakes battles.

As the WWE universe watches her multifaceted journey, whether "Big Time Becks" can add an "NXT" Women's Championship to her illustrious collection remains a tantalizing intrigue.

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