AEW Ratings Stable 2 Weeks Post WWE SummerSlam Clash


AEW Ratings Stable 2 Weeks Post WWE SummerSlam Clash
AEW Ratings Stable 2 Weeks Post WWE SummerSlam Clash © On The Mark Wrestling Podcast/YouTube

The television ratings are out for All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) "Collision" that aired this past Saturday, and the viewership metrics demonstrate a noteworthy consistency, as per the data collected by Wrestlenomics. There's been a slight uptick in numbers, indicating a positive trajectory for the show.

This comes after a commendable 14% surge in viewership the previous week when AEW went head-to-head with WWE's marquee event, SummerSlam, on August 5. The comparison between the last two episodes of "Collision" reveals a subtle increase in viewership by just 1%.

More interestingly, the critical rating in the 18-49 demographic hasn’t budged from the preceding week. With a viewership averaging 482,000 and a P18-49 rating standing at 0.17, "Collision" clinched the 13th spot on cable rankings for the Saturday slot.

Brandon Thurston, a notable analyst at Wrestlenomics, highlighted the uncanny similarity in the demographic data for both weeks, terming it an uncommon level of steadiness.

Highlight Moments Drive Viewership

Peeling the layers of the show's performance, the initial 15 minutes proved to be the night's pinnacle, drawing 544,000 viewers.

This segment was fueled by the dramatic turn of events where Samoa Joe was ambushed by CM Punk, donning the intriguing disguise of "The Golden Vampire", and also showcased the beginning of the match between "Switchblade" Jay White and Dalton Castle.

Coming a close second in viewership was the 8:30 to 8:45 p.m. slot, garnering 507,000 viewers on average. This segment brought forth the Iron Savages' stirring promo, their clash with Bullet Club Gold, and the captivating House of Black video package.

Impressively, the following 15-minute slot managed to sustain almost all its viewership, with 506,000 fans tuning in to Ricky Starks' backstage segment, his association with Big Bill's match, and his consequential promo. Diving into AEW’s digital footprint, the most sought-after snippet from "Collision" on their official YouTube channel remains the highlights of the showstopper between Darby Allin and Christian Cage.

As of now, this clip has amassed approximately 311,000 views. Not far behind, the dramatic face-off between Joe and "The Golden Vampire" has piqued the interest of around 253,000 viewers.

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