WWE NXT Expansion Plans for Europe and India Revealed


WWE NXT Expansion Plans for Europe and India Revealed
WWE NXT Expansion Plans for Europe and India Revealed © The Angle Podcast/YouTube

In a recent installment of the "Wrestling Observer Radio," esteemed journalist Dave Meltzer shared insights on WWE's ambition to extend its developmental system across international frontiers, especially focusing on regions such as India.

When posed with a query about WWE's endeavors in the Indian domain, Meltzer remarked, "They're undoubtedly interested. But, personally, I wouldn’t count on it materializing soon." He pinpointed the logistical challenge WWE faces in conducting events in India, elaborating on the strategy to relocate Indian talents to their hub in Orlando.

A topic of notable interest was the speculation surrounding the launch of NXT Europe. "Initially, the vision was to kickstart NXT Europe in early 2023, following the dissolution of NXT UK. However, current projections suggest a delay, potentially pushing it to post-merger in 2024," Meltzer clarified.

WWE's Uncertain Global Ambitions

While Europe is clearly on WWE's radar, Meltzer also shed light on the company's tentative plans beyond the European continent. He recalled previous discussions of WWE branching into territories like Mexico and Japan.

However, he expressed skepticism, opining, "I genuinely doubt WWE has a firm grasp on the dynamics of these markets as of now." Despite India not being atop the immediate list for expansion, Meltzer sees potential for NXT India in the longer run.

"The Indian venture wasn’t initially a top priority, but given the trajectory, it's plausible they might explore the Indian terrain after establishing three or four other international branches. But expect a gradual evolution," he articulated.

On a related note, the WWE universe eagerly anticipates the "Superstar Spectacle" slated for September 8 in India. Wrestling aficionados are particularly excited about John Cena's inclusion, marking his debut performance in the country.

It's noteworthy that WWE's inaugural Superstar Spectacle in January 2021 was hosted in WWE's Thunderdome, Florida, owing to the restraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.