Mercedes Mone & Bayley Vow Rematch on WWE NXT Match Anniversary


Mercedes Mone & Bayley Vow Rematch on WWE NXT Match Anniversary
Mercedes Mone & Bayley Vow Rematch on WWE NXT Match Anniversary © NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING/YouTube

Eight years ago, the hallowed halls of Brooklyn's Barclays Center witnessed a historic clash between Bayley and Sasha Banks, now rebranded as Mercedes Mone, as they battled for the coveted "NXT" Women's Championship at "WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn".

This wasn’t just a match; it was a watershed moment. Their electrifying performance undeniably shifted the paradigms in WWE, catalyzing the "Women's Revolution" that redefined women's wrestling throughout the latter part of the 2010s.

The two wrestling icons did not forget this milestone. Reflecting on the past, Mone turned to Twitter, expressing her nostalgic sentiments, teasingly hinting to Bayley about a possible rematch, saying, "Let's do this again someday." To which Bayley, with palpable enthusiasm, retorted, "I can't wait.

Happy 8th."

Mone Journey Post-WWE Split

However, since that epochal face-off, their paths have diverged. After over a year of not sharing the same ring, Mone decided to part ways with WWE alongside her tag partner, Trinity (formerly Naomi).

Their departure was attributed to discontent with WWE's creative vision, particularly during their reign as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Shifting her wrestling compass towards the East, Mone entered New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

Her prowess was undeniable as she soon clinched the IWGP Women's Championship. However, she’s currently sidelined, nursing an ankle injury incurred during the NJPW Resurgence event. On the other hand, Bayley's allegiance remains unwavering to WWE.

She has become a linchpin in her Damage CTRL faction, joining forces with Dakota Kai and the rising star, IYO SKY. The trio demonstrated their synergy at WWE SummerSlam. It was here that, with Bayley and Kai's strategic assistance, SKY executed a triumphant Money In The Bank cash-in, dethroning Bianca Belair to seize the WWE Women's Championship.

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