Seth Rollins Sheds Light on Becky Lynch's Take on His WWE Wardrobe Choices

Dynamic duo Rollins and Lynch redefine WWE's style stakes.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Sheds Light on Becky Lynch's Take on His WWE Wardrobe Choices
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Over recent weeks, Seth Rollins has been consistently grabbing attention for his wrestling prowess and his audacious fashion statements. Interestingly, this flamboyance was an inspiration Rollins drew from his wife, Becky Lynch.

While Lynch was once synonymous with vibrant attire, her fashion direction has since evolved. In an exclusive interview with GQ, Rollins elaborated on this dynamic between them, stating, "During her 'Big Time Becks' phase, Becky embraced some rather avant-garde ensembles.

However, since transitioning back to her renowned in-ring alters ego, 'The Man,' she's opted for a more reserved aesthetic." Yet, outside the limelight, Lynch's passion for eccentric fashion hasn't dimmed. "Off-stage, she boasts an impressive assortment of shoes and takes delight in dressing with a touch of the whimsical," Rollins added with a chuckle.

"WWE's Fashion-Forward Face-off"

Interestingly, it was Lynch who first encouraged Rollins to be bolder with his WWE attire. This encouragement even led the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins, to collaborate with the same fashion stylist as Lynch, a move that has been nothing short of transformative.

This fresh approach to Rollins' wardrobe has added layers to his in-ring persona, and fans eagerly anticipate his weekly sartorial choices. Moreover, every time he steps into the ring, he doesn't just aim to entertain but also to overshadow whatever fashion statement Lynch might make next potentially.

This friendly rivalry has even piqued the interest of other wrestlers. Recalling a recent episode of Raw, Rollins said, "I sported a sequined tracksuit, and Becky wasn't too pleased. She mentioned how she'd been searching for something similar for quite some time.

When she couldn't find one, lo and behold, mine arrived care of our stylist, Troi." With a playful smirk, he continued, "Yes, there's a hint of the green-eyed monster there. We're immersed in this delightful contest, each trying to outdo the other in our fashion game." This playful competition between one of WWE's most influential power couples adds another layer to their storied relationship, offering fans both in-ring excitement and a glimpse into their off-ring camaraderie.

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