LA Knight on Missing the Last WWE WrestleMania


LA Knight on Missing the Last  WWE WrestleMania
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When the roster for both nights of WrestleMania 39 was released, fans were shocked to find LA Knight's name missing, especially amidst the swirling rumors of WWE's potential plans for him. His absence not only baffled the fans but also disappointed Knight personally.

He shared his sentiments with the "Daily Mail" and commented, "There are multiple perspectives on this. Some might say I've only been on the main roster since October, and with WrestleMania in April, several would find themselves in my shoes." However, Knight was quick to differentiate himself from the crowd.

"There's a distinct difference. I don't mean to brag, but if I were, I'd say 'toot toot! Yeah.' "

LA Knight Rising WrestleMania Momentum

Around WrestleMania time, Knight's fame in WWE was skyrocketing. He acknowledged having garnered significant momentum in the run-up to the grand event.

But he was also quick to admit that despite giving his best, sometimes the directions chosen by the showrunners can be unpredictable. "I get it; some might believe the reactions I've been getting could be fleeting," he expressed.

"Perhaps they thought my popularity was just a flash in the pan, or I was the month's flavor. But fast forward over half a year; if anything, my popularity has only amplified." Since his WrestleMania omission, LA Knight, a standout on "WWE SmackDown," hasn’t missed a beat.

Despite missing out on the year's most significant event, his popularity hasn't waned, with his fanbase rallying behind him even more vehemently. Testament to his unwavering appeal, Knight was a centerpiece at the recent SummerSlam event, where he clinched victory in the Slim Jim battle royal.

His performance left sponsors, particularly Slim Jim, thrilled with his contribution. Despite some hurdles, the trajectory of LA Knight's career remains on an upward curve, and fans await his next big move in the WWE universe.

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