Booker T Joy: Trick Williams in WWE Passenger Seat


Booker T Joy: Trick Williams in WWE Passenger Seat
Booker T Joy: Trick Williams in WWE Passenger Seat © SPORTSNET/YouTube

The wrestling world is no stranger to emerging talent, and Trick Williams is undoubtedly the name on everyone's lips. Having spent months supporting the reigning "NXT" Champion, Carmelo Hayes, Williams is now poised to stake his claim as a singles sensation on "WWE NXT." One particularly keen observer of Williams' journey is "NXT" commentator Booker T.

Speaking candidly on the recent episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T expressed his anticipation and excitement for the trajectory of Williams' career. "You know, there's an inherent limitation to being in the shadows," remarked Booker T.

"And with someone of Trick's caliber — and I frequently discuss the metaphorical boxes that talents should tick — it's evident he's got it all. He's the archetype, standing over six feet tall, weighing over 230 pounds, and combining athleticism with charisma.

He possesses that movie star allure. Essentially, he's the poster boy for who you'd want to nurture for prime roles in the wrestling world."

Mentorship's Role in Williams' Rise

Continuing his reflections, Booker T. highlighted the value of the mentorship Williams has received thus far.

"While I appreciate the wisdom he's been gaining from the co-pilot's seat, it's vital to note that he's still in the infancy of his career. In contrast, Carmelo has been grinding it out in the indie circuits. Their partnership is commendable.

Yet, it's crucial for Trick to carve out his legacy. I often emphasize two things in this business — the checks' lure and the championships' allure. To truly achieve these twin peaks, one needs to elevate their strategy and develop a game plan.

And in Williams, I see immense potential. I've got immense respect and towering expectations for him. The wrestling community should watch closely." It's worth noting that the 29-year-old Williams isn't a stranger to Booker T.

He was a notable presence at Booker T's "Reality of Wrestling" event this past July. As we look forward, fans eagerly await Williams' upcoming match against Ilja Dragunov in the special episode of "NXT Heatwave" tonight.

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