Grayson Waller's WrestleMania 39 Reaction Alongside Carmelo Hayes

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, WWE Superstars reveal their determined ambitions.

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller's WrestleMania 39 Reaction Alongside Carmelo Hayes
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In a recent interview on "The Daily Ticket" podcast with Sean Brace, WWE Superstar Grayson Waller unveiled his ambitious aspiration to take the grand stage at WrestleMania 40, highlighting the significance of setting high goals in sports entertainment.

"I'm not just any WWE Superstar," Waller asserted, "and that means my goals can't be ordinary. As I see it, you can either be content with being just another face in the crowd or strive to be exceptional. There's a massive difference between the two."

Shared Aspirations: WrestleMania Dreams Ignite

Waller's enthusiasm for WrestleMania's iconic showcase is shared by none other than the current "NXT" Champion, Carmelo Hayes, as the two athletes aim for the pinnacle of success.

Waller reminisced about a pivotal moment they shared during last year's WrestleMania 39, where their perspective shifted from mere spectators to future participants. "In that instant, as we exchanged a glance," Waller recounted, "it wasn't about soaking in the spectacle; it was a realization that our destiny awaited us there the following year.

We made a pact, and that's the mountain I'm set on climbing." For Waller, the prospect of performing on "The Grandest Stage Of Them All" holds personal resonance, beyond the realm of wrestling. A dedicated follower of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, the notion of stepping into the spotlight at Lincoln Financial Field, a venue he's revered, would be a dream actualized.

As anticipation brews for WrestleMania 40, slated for the future, specific matchups remain undisclosed. Yet, the event has etched its name in history early on, surging ahead with record-breaking ticket sales. WWE proudly boasts the event's accomplishment as it secured the record for the highest-grossing gate in a mere 24 hours from the onset of ticket availability.

Grayson Waller's declaration to ascend to WrestleMania's stage echoes the sentiment of a true champion, someone resolute in not merely settling for mediocrity, but striving to etch his name in the annals of wrestling greatness.

With Carmelo Hayes as a fellow aspirant, the duo has set its sights high, adding an extra layer of anticipation to WrestleMania 40, promising a spectacle that transcends the ordinary.

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