Lee Moriarty & Big Bill: Staying True in Teamwork

Lee Moriarty sheds light on AEW journey and partnerships.

by Noman Rasool
Lee Moriarty & Big Bill: Staying True in Teamwork
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In a recent candid chat with BodySlam.net, All Elite Wrestling's emerging talent, Lee Moriarty, delved deep into his journey in the world of professional wrestling. Among the myriad topics, Moriarty touched upon his experience of teaming up with Big Bill and the incredible learning curve he faced transitioning from the independents to AEW's national spotlight.

Moriarty's association with Big Bill has been nothing short of transformative for the former. When asked about the essence of their partnership, Moriarty effused, "What stands out most about our collaboration is our unwavering commitment to our identities.

We've consciously resisted the often-tempting route to remodel ourselves to mirror each other. Instead, we've championed our unique styles and personas." He continued, "Bill, with his extensive television wrestling experience, has been instrumental in sharpening my skills, especially since my pre-AEW days were primarily rooted in the independents.

He's pointed out nuances and subtleties that I might have overlooked."

Moriarty's Leap to AEW Limelight

Reflecting on his transition from the independent circuit to the grand stage of national TV wrestling, Moriarty shared the enormity of the shift.

"Jumping from indie shows to a weekly national television platform, like AEW, is monumental," he commented. The vibrancy and reach of a national platform bring along challenges and nuances. For Moriarty, it's been a journey of understanding the rhythm of television wrestling – notably distinct from independent shows.

"There's a fascinating interplay of multiple cameras, precise timing, and other dynamic elements that one has to grapple with," he added. Furthermore, Moriarty emphasized the invaluable learning experiences he's been accumulating at AEW.

"To hone the art and craft of wrestling on such a vast scale, week after week, is both a privilege and an intense learning expedition," he said. As professional wrestling continues to evolve, stars like Lee Moriarty exemplify the spirit of adaptation, learning, and growth.

His insights provide a fascinating peek into the realities of transitioning between different wrestling platforms and the importance of staying authentic in collaborations.