Ryback on WWE Wrestlers Not Given Time to Rest

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Ryback on WWE Wrestlers Not Given Time to Rest

The WWE has been under fire ever since John Oliver spoke against them in his show. Oliver stated that the WWE does not give its wrestlers time to rest and there are no off seasons. Overtime, wrestlers develop problems as they do not recover from injuries well since they have to travel a lot and are under a huge amount of stress.

Besides appearing on TV, wrestlers also need to perform at live events. That can be a problem for wrestlers that want to take a break. The WWE does let wrestlers that are badly injured rest though, especially if they undergo a surgery.

Ryback is one of the most vocal former WWE wrestlers. He speaks against the WWE and states that the WWE mistreats its talent. On a recent episode of his podcast, Ryback stated that he is surprised about the fact that there have not been any deaths yet.

"I'm shocked that there have not been any deaths," Ryback explained. "Driving on one-way roads with semi-trucks. There have been nights I have been driving with my head bobbing, drinking my tenth coffee just to stay awake because I'm going on 45 minutes of sleep doing media in the morning.

It's a grueling schedule for the talent." These days, WWE wrestlers are getting injured very frequently. This can be due to the fact that the WWE simply isn’t allowing its most famous wrestlers to take a break.