SmackDown Revises Plans; Raw Stars Join for Bray Wyatt Tribute


SmackDown Revises Plans; Raw Stars Join for Bray Wyatt Tribute
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The wrestling community was left in shock and grief when news of the sudden demise of Bray Wyatt, the former WWE Champion, broke on August 24th. At just 36 years of age, this wrestling sensation's life was cut short due to a tragic heart attack at his residence.

The unexpected news was shared with the world by Triple H through social media. Soon after, the wrestling community, fans, and friends began sharing their tributes, reflecting on the indelible mark Wyatt left both in and out of the ring.

In a touching gesture, WWE announced that all proceeds from Wyatt's merchandise would be directly channeled to his family's welfare, ensuring some support for his fiancée, JoJo Offerman, and their four children during these trying times.

SmackDown Revamps for Wyatt Tribute

In light of this immense loss, WWE has decided to make significant alterations to the scheduled SmackDown episode on August 25th. Sources, including Fightful Select, have indicated that the episode's original plans were discarded.

Instead, many wrestling personalities flew in on a tight schedule to mark their attendance. The same source revealed that tonight's episode would feature a substantial tribute to the late Bray Wyatt. Further details regarding the event have emerged, with PWInsider highlighting the presence of big names like Cody Rhodes and Braun Strowman for this special episode.

While Strowman's on-screen appearance remains uncertain, especially given his recent neck surgery recovery, his presence is anticipated to play a role in the tribute. Fans will recall Strowman's beginnings on the main roster as an integral part of the Wyatt Family, signifying the profound connection he shared with Bray Wyatt.

Rob Fee, a WWE writer who collaborated extensively with Wyatt, encapsulated the sentiment of the entire wrestling community in a tweet, saying, “Tonight is gonna be really special”. The world watches in anticipation and respect, united in grief, to remember and celebrate the legacy of Bray Wyatt.

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