Ryback on WWE’s Pay Discrepancy

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Ryback on WWE’s Pay Discrepancy

Ryback is one of the former WWE wrestlers that are super vocal about the way the WWE handles its wrestlers. John Oliver was the one who first started the fire by dedicating an entire segment of his show to how the WWE mistreats its wrestlers.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Ryback spoke about the extremely tough WWE travel schedule and the pay discrepancy. "Something that got me into trouble is I would keep track of the gates and ask the reps what our gate is tonight," Ryback said.

"Then I would document that on my phone so then you can see what they are paying you. I saw my pay fluctuate so much for no reason. A lot of times you only get $500 for these live events. Especially the guys on the low downside.

Therefore everyone tries to get as high as a downside as possible because they have to pay you your downside every week. What they try to do is whether you are on a $3,000 downside or $20,000 downside, they will put those live events and TV to equal that downside.

It very important that you get a high downside there. Hunter and those guys will say downside doesn't matter. They are full of it, they mean everything. And a guy with a million-dollar downside is making way more than a guy with a $100,000 downside."