Road Dogg: Lifelong Becky Lynch Fan and Why


Road Dogg: Lifelong Becky Lynch Fan and Why
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In the dynamic world of WWE, where triumphs and trials often interweave, there's been a constant pillar of support for Becky Lynch. The enduring admiration she receives has found an unexpected voice in none other than "Road Dogg" Brian James, the esteemed WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events.

In an enlightening conversation on the "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, James shed light on his enduring affinity for Lynch, both within the squared circle and beyond, lauding her remarkable qualities. "She embodies the essence of a superstar human being," James articulated.

He humbly acknowledged the diverse perspectives people hold about various individuals in the industry but firmly emphasized his perception of Becky Lynch as a paragon of excellence. "I've always maintained that she is an exceptional individual," he continued.

James commended her unwavering professionalism and her impeccable conduct, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Admittedly, there have been disagreements, even raised voices, shared among Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and himself.

Yet, he underscored the underlying commitment to resolving issues through dialogue and collaboration, all in service of enhancing the television spectacle. In his eyes, Lynch's qualities shine through, making her a truly exceptional and superlative professional.

Elevating Careers Through Reimagining

A meticulous analysis of Lynch's on-screen journey warranted further praise from James. He extended his accolades to Lynch and her husband, Seth Rollins, for their adept reinventions, which consequently propelled their careers to greater heights.

Reflecting on the genesis of Lynch's iconic "The Man" persona in 2018, James revealed a pivotal moment when he felt compelled to bestow upon her the "SmackDown" Women's Championship—a decision vindicated by her sensational performance.

"We were all attuned to her vision. Collaborating closely, we collectively crafted a narrative that aligned seamlessly with her character," James reminisced. Lynch's every outing resonated profoundly, an assertion he made with unwavering conviction.

His longstanding support for Lynch's journey was founded on this deep-seated belief in her capabilities. In a testament to Lynch's character beyond the ring, James shared an anecdote that epitomized her caring nature. Even in the wake of his temporary release from WWE in January 2022, Lynch reached out, extending her concern and well wishes.

James' subsequent reinstatement in August underscored the profound connections that endure even in the face of industry fluctuations. In the tapestry of WWE's tapestry, where narratives are meticulously crafted and destinies are realized, Becky Lynch has found an unwavering advocate in Road Dogg Brian James.

His heartfelt admiration for Lynch, both as an exceptional performer and as a genuine human being, paints a picture of their enduring connection amidst the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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