Bray Wyatt QR Codes Appear on SmackDown


Bray Wyatt QR Codes Appear on SmackDown
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In a heartfelt episode of SmackDown held in Louisville, the wrestling community and its fans united to remember and pay homage to two of their beloved figures: WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk and the unparalleled Bray Wyatt.

The demise of Terry Funk this past Wednesday has left an indelible void in the wrestling world. At 79, Funk's health had been progressively deteriorating, but the world was not ready to say goodbye to a man many regard as the greatest wrestler of all time.

A hardcore wrestling legend, Funk's legacy is one of relentless dedication, matchless technique, and undying passion. The sorrow deepened with the unexpected passing of Bray Wyatt, the former WWE and Universal Champion, at a mere age of 36.

An athlete in his prime, Bray succumbed to a heart attack, compounded by a prolonged battle with COVID-19. His untimely departure is nothing short of tragic, leaving behind a grieving wife and four young children. The loss of such an active and loved WWE superstar has shaken the entire community.

Bray Wyatt's QR Code Mystery

When Bray Wyatt made his much-anticipated comeback to WWE in late 2022, after a hiatus of nearly a year, fans were intrigued by the mysterious QR Codes embedded in various promotional videos and images.

These codes became the talk of the town as fans eagerly scanned them, hoping for clues about Wyatt's return. The suspense culminated in Wyatt's show-stopping reappearance at Extreme Rules in October 2022. To continue celebrating Bray Wyatt's illustrious career, last night's SmackDown incorporated these iconic QR Codes once again.

These codes were more than mere digital imprints; they served as portals to some of the most iconic moments of Bray Wyatt’s WWE journey. Starting as a budding talent on the main roster almost a decade ago, Bray Wyatt carved his niche with unforgettable rivalries against some of the most legendary names in WWE history.

Through this innovative tribute, WWE ensures that the memories of Bray Wyatt's incredible journey remain alive and accessible to fans across the globe.

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