Taz on Brock Lesnar Winning the MITB Match

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Taz on Brock Lesnar Winning the MITB Match

Taz is a former WWE Commentator and a former WWE wrestler. He was one of the toughest WWE wrestlers in the locker room. Taz recently discussed Brock Lesnar and Lesnar’s surprise return. Lesnar made his return at the Money in The Bank PPV and put himself in the men’s MITB match.

He won that match and now holds the Money In The Bank briefcase. As a fan, Taz admitted that he loved seeing Lesnar return. He did however, also state that he would not have liked WWE’s booking if he was a competitor himself.

"I'm cool with Brock coming out and winning but as a former talent, I wouldn't be cool with it," Taz said. "Looking at those men down selling, as a former worker, I felt for them. These guys just busted their ass all this time in this match and put their bodies on the line, taking all these bumps on these f***ing ladders.

And one guy comes out at the very end and doesn't have to crack a sweat and wins the gimmick. It's heat for the locker room" Lesnar is the only WWE wrestler that is also a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Although a few UFC champions have joined the WWE in the past, none of them started off as a professional wrestler.

Lesnar is not liked backstage by most WWE wrestlers as they think the WWE pays him extremely well even though he does not work as much as full-time wrestlers do.